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CCTV (Design & Installations)

CCTV installation in London and Kent

ARC Managed Services have CCTV installations engineers and technicians that are fully trained and qualified to provide the best quality workmanship and advice. We’ll tailor every installation to meet your security requirements, as well as your budget and business/school restrictions, and you can be rest assured that all the equipment we supply is of the highest quality.

We offer free quotations for all new digital CCTV security installations, and can attend your property on the same day of your phone call.


CCTV installation for Schools and Business

CCTV Design and Layout

At arc we prepare the project, and look at the whole picture. We look at existing equipment and see where it might possibly be integrated into your new system. recently we worked on a project that require a certain amount of equipment to be installed at a specific cost, the school was happy with the install, but because of an expansion, we detailed plans of moving NVRs and equipment to be moved and relocated.

IP CCTV Systems

represent the next generation in CCTV technology. Unlike traditional Analogue CCTV cameras that capture images and audio directly, IP CCTV converts images and audio into digital data that can then be transmitted over an internet network to an authorised remote viewing device (e.g. a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet).

The advantage over traditional analogue CCTV is the far superior image quality as well as the flexibility with video transmission. Along with the wired route, IP cameras can be run wirelessly by using powerline adapters to take advantage of existing mains electrical wiring to transmit the video signals back to the router/NVR.

Most NVRs now feature an built in POE switch (Power over Ethernet) to enable plug and play connectivity with camera auto configuration.


Planning and           

Pre-Installation process

The security your files deserve

ARC take any installation seriously, we produce detailed layout and method statements with any risk assessment document and validation certification for product being used onsite.

Any drawings are given to the clients to chow the layout and idea prior to installaton.


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